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Voluntary plans

What is a voluntary plan?

A voluntary plan is an employer-operated paid family and medical leave program. A voluntary plan must be approved by the Employment Security Department. Learn more about voluntary plans on our voluntary plan page.

Do voluntary plan employers still have to report?

If your voluntary plan is approved, you will still need to submit quarterly reports, though you will not be assessed premiums.

If your voluntary plan is denied, you will need to submit quarterly reports and remit premiums, and your employees will be covered under the state plan.

If your approved voluntary plan covers only medical leave or only family leave, you must report and pay premiums on the state plan you utilize.

What happens when a voluntary plan ends?

A voluntary plan must be in place for at least one year after it has been accepted. If you withdraw, amend or end your Voluntary Plan, consult the Voluntary Plan Guide for appropriate steps to take in notifying the state and your employees.