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While you're on leave

Is my job protected while I am on leave?

If you work for a company that employs more than 50 people in Washington, and you have worked there for at least a year and for at least 1,250 hours in the year before taking leave, your job is likely protected. But an employer can deny job restoration if:

  • You are within the highest paid 10% of salaried employees employed by your employer within 75 miles of the work facility, or
  • They can show that your job would not have existed when you returned from leave.

If you do not have job protection with Paid Family and Medical Leave there may be other local, state or federal laws that offer job protection or restoration for you. You will need to continue to follow the leave notification policies of your employer.

How do I request an extension on my leave?

If you need to update your leave dates, you can submit a Request for Review in your Paid Leave account. You will also need to upload:

  • a new Certification of Serious Health Condition form with the extended dates for medical leave.
  • supporting documentation (such as proof of birth documents, a certification of serious health condition form, or military exigency documents) with your request to extend family leave.

What do I have to do while on leave (how do I get paid)?

This is how you get paid: You will file weekly claims with us while on leave. You will need to report any hours you have worked, or paid time off received during each week of leave that is not considered a “supplemental benefit.” It is your responsibility to accurately report this information. You may file up to four weekly claims at a time, and this can be done online or over the phone. Visit for more information and tips about what to expect after you apply.