How do employer agents submit ICESA reports?

To submit an ICESA file

Filing with an ICESA file is done the same way regardless of whether you have POAs for your clients.

Log-in to your Paid Leave employer agent account through SAW and select “Submit Quarterly Wages” from the “Wage Reporting” menu.

Throughout the reporting screens, there’s a bar at the top of the page that shows you where you are in the process.

Select Filing Method

  1. Under “Reporting Period”, use the drop-down menus to select the quarter and year for which you are reporting.
  2. Under “Filing Methods”, select “File Upload”.

Provide Wage Details

  1. Under “Choose a File”, click “Browse”, then locate and select your ICESA file on your computer.
  2. Click, “Next”.

Submission Confirmation

  1. Note the confirmation number for your records and click, “Home”