How do employers correct errors in a report?

Before you begin, please note:

  • You will need to verify your account with a PIN before you can file an amendment; amendments are not an option with limited access. Read more about the PIN verification process.
  • Your amended report will replace your original submission, so it must include all the details from your initial report, not just the corrected information.
  • Your initial report needs to be processed before it’s possible to submit an amendment. (Once your report has been processed, its status in the table on the “Wage Submission History” page will say, “Processed”.)

There are a couple of methods for submitting amendments, and they depend on how you initially reported.

Begin by selecting “Amend Wage Report” from the “Wage Reporting” drop-down list on the menu bar.

  1. Under “Prior Quarter Search”, select the year and quarter of the report you need to amend.
  2. In the “Search Results” table, locate the report and click the blue “Amend” link in the first column of the table.
  3. Under “”Filing Methods”, select the filing method you would like to use for your amendment and click, “Next”.
    • If you filed the initial report using manual entry, you can amend using either manual entry or CSV file upload.
    • If you filed the initial report using file upload, you need to use file upload for your amendment.
  4. Submit your amendment; refer to the reporting instructions when needed.
  5. On the “Wage Detail Adjustment Reason Verification” page, use the drop-down menu to select the reason for your amendment. Options include:
    • Employer and Wages amended because of incorrectly reported wages or hours
    • Wages amended because employee(s) were mistakenly included/excluded
    • Employment and wages amended to correct computer system, data entry or accounting errors
    • SSN or name changed
    • Employment and Wages amended as a result of an audit
    • Other
  6. Click “Next”. Note the confirmation number for your records. Click “Home” to return to your homepage.