How do I report employee hours and wages?

NOTE: The program’s administrative requirements are currently under consideration through the rulemaking process. The requirements listed below are tentative and will not be final until November 2018. To participate in the rulemaking process, visit ESD's rulemaking webpage.

Nearly all Washington employers will have a responsibility to report wages and hours worked for their Washington-based employees starting in 2019.

The benefits of Paid Family and Medical Leave are portable between jobs, so employees’ access to this leave will depend on accurate reporting by all employers.

There are penalties written into the statute for employers who neglect this responsibility.

Reporting Tools

Employers will use to securely access the Paid Family and Medical Leave reporting site. When first accessing the reporting site, an employer will need their UBI to securely connect their user account to their place of business.

The reporting site is under development in the summer and fall of 2018 and we will share more information about this site when it is available. Our newsletter is the best way to stay up to date.