How will I know when my client's report is processed?

After you submit your report, you can check the status by selecting “Wage Submission History” from the “Wage Reporting” menu option.

On the “Wage Submission History” page, each of your reports will be listed in a table where you can see the submission date, submission type, year, quarter and status, and other details. Depending on the number of employers submitting reports at any point, it may take some time for the status of your report to change. There are three possible options under “Status”:

Submitted: The report was successfully submitted, and the system is processing it.

Rejected: The system attempted to accept the file but found an error. You will need to download the error report by clicking the blue link in the “Record Errors” column,  correct your report and upload again. Read more about common report errors and how to correct them.

Processed: The report was successfully submitted, and the system completed processing it.