Request a Speaker

If your business, organziation or group would like someone from the program to present at your upcoming meeting or event, please complete and submit our presentation request form. Please keep in mind:

  • It may not be cost effective to travel if your event would require overnight lodging and there are less than 50 attendees.
  • We may ask if the date is flexible to accommodate many events in a single trip.
  • If we can't travel to your event we will offer a live webinar to you and your attendees. If this is the best option, we will conduct the presentation as if it were live. We will take questions from the audience, show presentation slides, and distribute important documents.
  • It may be a better option for you or your team to attend a live webinar open to the public. You can find the dates for the next webinar on our Employer Webinar page.

We are happy to hear requests from any group throughout the year. We are targeting the following groups based on when we will have more information following the conclusion of relevant rulemaking. If your association or group falls into one of these categories, please helps us by scheduling your event in these timeframes.

  • Payroll, accounting, and tax organizations -> January – June
  • Medical communities including office managers, nurses, and doctors -> April - December
  • Human resources, benefits managers -> October – December

Please share this information with other groups within your community who may cover different regions or specialties.

While every effort will be made to accommodate your request, staff schedules are subject to change and may require speaker substitutions or cancellations as necessary.

Please Note: Paid Family and Medical Leave does not set up event logistics, webinars, or conference calls for requesting organizations.

Download Presentation Request Form