What are my responsibilities?

Paid Family and Medical Leave is a statewide insurance program. 

With very few exceptions, employers will have a responsibility to:

  1. Report employee wages, hours worked and other information for all employees.
  2. Collect and remit premiums.
  3. A mandatory poster to notify employees of the program will be available before Jan. 1, 2020. If you would like something to share with your employees prior to that, download our optional paystub insert to distribute or post.

Collective bargaining agreements

Do you have employees covered under a collective bargaining agreement? Employees covered under a CBA that was in existence on or before Oct. 19, 2017 are not subject to the rights or responsibilities of paid family and medical leave until the agreement is reopened, renegotiated or expires. You do not withhold premiums from these employees or pay the employer share of their premium until the CBA is reopened, renegotiated or expires.

What if only specific parts of a CBA have been renegotiated?

For the purposes of Paid Family and Medical Leave, only collective bargaining agreements that have been renegotiated in their entirety meet the definition of reopened, renegotiated or expired. A memorandum of understanding (MOU) covering a narrow or specific section of a CBA does not constitute a reopening or renegotiation for the purposes of Paid Family and Medical Leave.

For example, MOUs to accommodate the new paid sick leave law are not considered a reopening or renegotiation. This includes MOUs to expand the collectively bargained definition of family, accrual rates and reasons for usage under the new paid sick leave law. Negotiations of future contracts also do not constitute a reopening or renegotiation.

The circumstances around specific agreements may require further determination. To ask specific questions about circumstances not relayed here, call our Customer Care Team at 833-717-2273.