Paid Family & Medical Leave

Have you ever needed time off work for cancer treatment, gone back to work too soon after the birth of a child, or taken time to care for an aging parent? Most of us have, or will, face these situations in our lives. And many of us have lost a paycheck – or even a job – because we needed to put our health or family first. Starting in 2020, workers in Washington will no longer have to choose between a paycheck and caring for ourselves and those we love.

Washington’s Paid Family and Medical Leave program will allow us necessary paid time off to care for ourselves and our loved ones in life’s most challenging times.

This program is unlike any other in the nation, and it’s the first program of this magnitude to be built in Washington in a generation. Due to our tight timeline, we’re rolling out the entire Paid Family and Medical Leave program – from rulemaking to operations to technology – in phases. We understand this phased approach is unusual and may create challenges, but we are committed to giving you accurate information and the best tools we have as soon as they are available. Please connect with us, give us feedback and get involved so together we can create the best Paid Family and Medical Leave program in the U.S.


What benefits do workers receive under the new program?

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What are the requirements for Employers under the Paid Leave program?

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Healthcare Providers

How will the new program affect healthcare providers?

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