File your weekly claim

File your weekly claim

Log into your account each week to file your weekly claim.

  • Your payment will be processed within two weeks.
  • Remember: You must file every week, even during your waiting week. (People taking bonding leave or military family leave don’t have to take a waiting week.)
  • You are not paid during your waiting week, but you can use vacation or sick days from your employer.

Hours worked and other types of leave can affect your payments.

If you worked or received other benefits, like employer-provided paid time off, you must include it in your weekly claim. It will reduce your payment that week. This includes time worked at a second job, even if you are not taking leave from that job.

You cannot collect unemployment insurance or workers’ compensation benefits at the same time as Paid Family and Medical Leave.

Your employer may offer supplemental paid time off (different from regular paid time off), and this will not affect your weekly payment. Ask your employer if this option is available to you.

How claims work:

Minimum claims:

The minimum payment/claim for each week is eight consecutive hours. That’s one day of missed work for full-time employees but may be more than one day if you work part-time.

You can take medical leave OR family leave:

You can claim one type of leave per week. If you have a partial week of medical leave you can claim it one week, and start claiming family leave the next week.

Stopping your leave temporarily—or starting back up:

If you do not wish to claim benefits for a week:

If you are taking leave intermittently, working or using paid time off instead of taking leave, you must still submit a weekly claim. Enter the number of hours you worked or took other paid time off on the questionnaire. This will not subtract hours from your available leave

If you go four weeks without filing a weekly claim:

You will not be able to file for the current week until you have filed all weekly claims in your queue.

How you get paid:

How you get paid:

If you apply online, you can choose to be paid via direct deposit or a prepaid debit card. If you apply on paper, you can only receive a prepaid debit card.

Retroactive payments:

You will get paid for all weeks from your approved leave start date. For example, if it takes two weeks to process your application, you’ll file for two weeks at once and get those payments retroactively.

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