Individuals and Families

Here for you.

Paid time off when you need it most. Learn about your new benefit.

Learn how to apply for benefits and file your weekly claims:

Find out how Paid Leave works

Paid Family and Medical Leave is here for you when a serious health condition prevents you from working, when you need time to care for a family member or welcome a new child, or for certain military-related events.

Before you apply

Determine if you’re eligible for Paid Leave, when to notify your employer and what documents you will need when you apply for leave.

Apply now

You can apply after you have determined you are eligible, gathered all your documents and experienced a qualifying event.

After you apply

Learn how to check your application status online and find out if you’ll have a waiting week before you start receiving benefits.

File your weekly claim

After your application is approved, you must file a claim each week to get paid. It should only take a few minutes.

More tools to help you with Paid Family and Medical Leave.