File your quarterly report and pay premiums

File your report and pay premiums

Paid Family and Medical Leave provides paid time off when Washington workers need it most. By reporting key information and contributing premium payments, employers play an important role in keeping the program strong and supporting employees when they qualify for paid time off.

Reporting overview

Watch this video to get quick, helpful tips for how to file your quarterly reports and make payments.

Employer webinar

This is an overview webinar intended to give employers a general understanding of how Paid Family and Medical Leave works and make payments.

For more detailed information about your role and responsibilities, download the Employer Toolkit.

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When to report wages and hours and pay premiums

As a Washington employer, you are required to report your employees’ wages and hours and pay premiums on a quarterly basis—unless you had no payroll expenses during that quarter.

No payroll? No report. You do not have to file a report for quarters where you had no hours worked or wages.

Here’s when to submit your reports and payments:

Report & Payment Due: April 30
Q1: January, February, March
Report & Payment Due: July 31
Q2: April, May, June
Report & Payment Due: October 31
Q3: July, August, September
Report & Payment Due: January 31
Q4: October, November, December

Checklist: Completing your report

Here’s what you need to complete your report. You can also download the checklist.

Download checklist

Step 1:
Gather your information

Business information:

  • United business identifier (UBI) number (if you don’t know your UBI number, look it up)
  • Business name
  • Total premiums collected (if any) from employees
  • Name of the report preparer

Employee information:

  • Social security number (SSN)
  • First name, last name, middle initial
  • Wages paid during the reporting quarter, and the associated hours worked

Step 2:
Prepare your report

Here’s how to prepare and file your report.

  • Log in to your Paid Leave account through SecureAccess Washington (SAW). (Create an account if you don’t already have one, and watch this video to learn how to set up your account)
  • If you are setting up your account for the first time, have your UBI number on hand. (If you don’t know your UBI number, look it up)
  • Choose a reporting format: either manual entry (you can do this for up to 50 employees) or completing and uploading a .CSV file. (Download the instructions for creating a .CSV file)
  • If you’re completing a .CSV file, make sure to test it before uploading it
  • If a third-party employer agent will be reporting on your behalf, confirm that they will be submitting reports

Test your report

Here’s how to prepare and file your report.

Before uploading your report, test your file to make sure you have included the appropriate information and that it is formatted as required.

Looking for instructions on creating your .CSV file? Download instructions here.

Test your file

Need technical support filing your report? Find answers to your questions.

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