Apply now

Apply now

Submit your application after your qualifying event has taken place

For example, after you’ve had surgery. If you know in advance of the qualifying event, you can complete most of the application ahead of time. You can also save your application as a draft until you have all required documents.

Answer these questions to see if you should apply for Paid Leave:

Download our application checklist:

After you notify your employer and gather the documents needed, start your application process:

1. Create your account.

See the help center for instructions on creating a Paid Leave benefit account.

2. Fill out the online application that applies to you: medical leave or family leave.

You’ll provide basic information and verify your employment history. A paper application is available if you do not have a Social Security number.

If you are experiencing pregnancy complications or plan to take medical leave due to pregnancy or birth, you will fill out both a medical and family leave application:

  • First submit the medical leave application and documentation.
  • Once you have received a determination on your medical leave, you can submit an application and documentation for family/bonding leave in your Paid Leave account.

3. Upload documents

All applications require some kind of documentation. You can upload your documents to your account when you complete the application, or you can log in to your account later and add them. Get instructions for uploading your documents in the Help Center.

More about the documentation below can be found here.

  • Proof of identification. All applications require proof of identity, like a copy of your driver’s license or passport. Download the list of accepted documents.
  • Certification of a Serious Health Condition (if applicable). Download forms.
  • Certification of Birth form (if applicable). Download form.
  • Documentation for child placement (if applicable).
  • Military family leave documents (if applicable).

Please be sure to submit a complete and accurate application:

Your paperwork and proof of identification will help us process your application faster. We will have to contact you if your application is incomplete or unclear.

NOTE: We will notify your employer by mail when you apply for Paid Leave.

If they believe you are not eligible for the program, they will have 18 days to contest your application.

What to expect after you apply.