We’ve updated our processing timelines.

We've updated our processing timelines.

We are committed to processing applications as efficiently as possible and know how important paid leave is to you and your family. At just over six weeks into this historic new program, we’ve received more than 30,000 applications, and demand continues to be very high. Unfortunately, at this point, we estimate it could take up to ten weeks to process complete applications.

We know ten weeks is simply too long to wait.

We are doing everything we can to speed up review times. We understand your frustration, and we’re deeply sorry.

We have every available resource dedicated to processing applications. Staff from across our agency are pitching in and working overtime, and we’re hiring additional staff and streamlining and simplifying application review as much as possible.

Keep in mind that once your application is approved, you will be able to file weekly claims and get paid for each week of your approved leave. That means you’ll be able to submit weekly claims retroactively and receive your back pay.

You’re counting on these benefits and we know waiting while we process your application may cause hardship.

A process to request accelerated application review for those who meet certain criteria is available.

Learn more about the process on the hardship page.

How you can help

Our Customer Care Specialists answer questions over the phone and through email, review applications and process weekly claims. There are two things you can do to help them process applications faster and reduce call wait times for everyone.

1. Ensure your application is complete

Incomplete applications take longer to process, so please make sure your application is complete. Even after you’ve submitted it, you can double-check that you’ve included everything we need by downloading the application checklist.

2. Explore the website

You can find answers to most of the questions we’re hearing on the phones and in emails on our website, and we regularly update the technical support and more answers pages with the latest frequently asked questions. Before reaching out, please explore our site and see if the answer you need is here.

Finding the answers you need

Our website has detailed information that can help you:

We know there are some questions our website can’t answer, and we welcome your calls on personal details related to your application.

Where do we go from here?

The truth is that while we expected thousands of applications to come in throughout January, we received four times as many as we projected. Our projections were based on the best data available, but as the first state in the country to implement Paid Family and Medical Leave at this scale, we are clearly seeding new ground with this program.

We’re honored and grateful to be building the best Paid Family and Medical Leave program in the nation, and we thank you for being one of the first people to apply. We’re learning more each day about the need for this program and its capacity to change people’s lives, and we are committed to working as hard as we can to improve our processes and make Paid Leave benefits accessible to everyone.

Watch our update from Commissioner Suzi LeVine.