Hardship requests

Request faster application processing

Paid Family and Medical Leave will accept requests for faster application processing from people who have applied and are facing financial hardship.

Should you apply?

We understand that our processing times may create frustration and hardship for many families. We are doing everything we can to reduce this wait time to two-weeks. That said, we ask that you only request accelerated review if you can demonstrate imminent hardship as outlined below. We will not review your request for earlier processing if you do not provide required documentation. If you do not meet our hardship criteria, we will return your benefit application to its previous place in our queue and it will be reviewed through the regular process.

For more on our processing times, please visit the “About the program” page.

To request accelerated application review, you must:

  1. Have submitted a complete application
  2. Have been waiting four or more weeks for us to process your application
  3. Demonstrate that you are facing one or more of the following circumstances:
    • Notice of eviction
    • Notice of power or utility shutoff
    • Other imminent financial hardship, like an inability to pay for medications, pay rent or car payments on time, or purchase essential supplies such as diapers. 
      • You will be asked to provide a short explanation of your circumstances.

How to request

1. Gather documentation that shows you are facing imminent financial hardship.

This could include:

  • A notice of eviction
  • A utility shutoff notice

If you cannot provide documents that support your request, write a short explanation of your circumstances using the template below.

2. Upload your documents to your benefit account.

Log-in to your Paid Leave benefit account and select “Upload Documents” in the Take Action box on your benefit account homepage.

  • Visit the technical support page for step-by-step instructions.
  • You may select “Other” in the “Document Type” drop-down menu on the “Upload Documents” page in your account.
  • For your security, please DO NOT email us these documents.

3. Complete the request form and submit it using the instructions on the form.

You will need to upload your documentation to your benefit account before submitting the form. If we receive the form and are missing your documents, we will not process your request.

Faster application review does not guarantee that you will be approved for Paid Family and Medical Leave benefits.

An acceptance of your accelerated processing request does not change the criteria for benefit eligibility or the amount of benefits you are eligible to receive, and it does not guarantee that you will be approved for Paid Family and Medical Leave benefits.

We do not consider age, sex (including pregnancy), marital status, sexual orientation, gender expression or identity, race, creed, color, national origin, honorably discharged veteran or military status, disability, or use of a trained service animal by a person with a disability in our decision to expedite processing of your application.