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How much money will I receive?

We will determine your weekly benefit amount based on wages reported by your employer(s). The maximum weekly benefit amount for 2020 is $1,000 per week and the minimum is $100 (unless you make less than an average of $100 per week, then you will receive your full wage). The maximum weekly benefit amount for 2021 is $1,206. You may receive up to 90 percent of your average weekly wage, depending on your income. A calculator to estimate your benefit payment is available at

What is a wage? Or what are considered wages?

For Paid Leave reporting, wages are an employee’s gross wages (including paid time off), minus tips.

How is my benefit amount determined?

Your employer(s) have been reporting how many hours you’ve worked and the wages you earned since Jan. 1, 2019. We use the hours reported to determine if you’ve met the minimum 820 hours for eligibility, and the wages reported to know how much your benefit payments will be. If you have more than one job, we add all the hours reported for you from all your employers that are required to report. During the online application process, you’ll be able to see what your employer(s) reported for you and tell us if what they reported isn’t correct. If you are applying on paper, follow the instructions that come with your paper application.

Will I always receive the same amount?

Your benefit payment may vary from week to week if you are not claiming the full week, if you worked or took paid time off, or if it’s the first or last week of your claim.

How do I get paid?

If you apply online, you can choose to be paid via direct deposit or a prepaid debit card. If you apply on paper, you can only receive a prepaid debit card at this time. It is your responsibility to keep your banking information current and update this information through your online account. If you have questions about your prepaid card, please review the bank disclosures you received when you applied or contact the bank’s customer support team at 888-964-0359.