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What is SecureAccess Washington (SAW)?

Like most Washington state agencies, Paid Family and Medical Leave uses a platform called SecureAccess Washington (SAW) to manage access to customer accounts. You will need an active SAW account to login to Paid Family and Medical Leave and establish a benefit account. SecureAccess Washington is managed by WaTech. If you have questions about your SAW account, go to and click the “GET HELP” button in the menu bar.

How do I create a SAW account?


If you don’t already have one, create a SAW account by going to and clicking the “SIGN UP!” button. After entering your first and last names and your email address, and confirming that you’re not a robot, you should receive an email with a link to activate your account. Once your account is active, you’ll need to add Paid Family and Medical Leave to your SAW services.

Important: Do not delete your SAW account.

What if I accidentally delete my SAW account?

If you accidentally delete your account, please call the Customer Care Team at (833) 717-2273. Please note that we cannot fix a deleted SAW account, and it will likely delay your application and weekly claims.

How do I add Paid Leave to my SAW services?

Log in to your SAW account at, select “Add A New Service,” then:

  • Select “I would like to browse a list of services.”
  • Scroll through the list to “Employment Security Department” and select “Paid Family and Medical Leave” from the drop-down menu.
  • When you see the confirmation screen that lets you know the service has been added to your list, click “OK. Then select “Paid Family and Medical Leave” from your list of services to access your account.
  • Do not remove Paid Family and Medical Leave from your SAW account, even if your leave is over. If you need to apply the next calendar year, you will need this information to be intact.

How do I upload documents to my Paid Leave benefit account?

After you’ve submitted your application, you can send us additional documents by selecting the “Manage Documents” link on your account homepage. Login to your account and look for the box labeled “My Claim(s)” on your homepage. Click the “Manage Documents” link to access the form where you can attach files from your computer or mobile phone and upload them to your account.

How do I file a weekly claim?

During your leave, you’ll log in to your account and file a claim each week to receive your pay. This should only take a few minutes. The claim will include the days and hours when you used your Paid Leave. You can also submit your claims by calling the Customer Care Team. To learn more, watch this short video on filing weekly claims.